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theatreLab is a not for profit company that relies on donations, fundraising, external funding and support from our partners to do our activity. theatreLab's core staff work on a voluntary basis. 

We are grateful to our partner Producer Works,  Bath School of Music and Performance  and Bath Spa  Productions for their ongoing support.

All funds given to theatreLab go towards supporting our activity which includes: the upkeep of the website, general administration, actors and directors wages and marketing materials that we print. 

Without these donations and support we could not continue with our activity. 

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18th May 2:30pm


Insight is a collection of under grad and MA works live dance and film that beautifully highlights the learning arc that BSU Dance student’s journey across.


This eclectic mix of work is succinctly curated offering audiences a range of emotions and experiences that will provoke their thoughts and feelings. From the gentle humorous film “Married Life” based on a loving couple told through film sequences entirely shot from the point of view of Wellies and DM’s through to the powerful and visceral  “Under This Weight “. This is a programme that is intelligent and visceral. 


A beautiful afternoon watching an eclectic mix of live dance and film


Jack Rose


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