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20th May 8pm


“Think, in 100 years’ time our great grandchildren won’t have to fight because of the sacrifice we made”


Got a Light? is a comparison of modern-day life of the average teenage boy with how the world wars turned these teens into men overnight. With a realistic yet comical tone, it really is an eye-opening biopic of how much has changed in 100 years and the impact that war brings. The actors provide an empathetic performance and make a great attempt at harnessing the emotions of which the soldiers in the trenches were feeling. The use of lighting to segue from past and present day is clear and effective and the rapid crossover to war time is a powerful and tragic reminder that the problems we face today are so minute compared to the war; juxtaposing a man on the brink of death with fighting over a girl. A clever and engaging angle on the hardship endured by soldiers, this performance really highlights how the war was a suppressive time, and the men that fought were different characters after the war happened. I particularly enjoyed the performance from the character Gilbert, as his delivery of top lines had the whole room in laughter. A simply brilliant piece that I’m glad I took the time to watch.

Hannah Carney

Next performance of this show is 27th May 2pm


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